Image Analytics for Ecommerce Performance

Upload and assess images in no time using computer vision algorithms trained with real ocular patterns.

3 free tests

3 free tests

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Attention Heatmap

Throughout a saliency map unveil areas of greatest visual interest.

Key colors

Identify the most frequent color shades on the image.

Attention over text

Visualize the amount of attention the text captures.

CTR Prediction (soon)

Obtain engagement metrics based on deep learning technology.


Accuracy of prediction

Get high accuracy results by eye gaze record trained technology.

API + Web + Mobile

Upload images from the gallery and analyze on a seamless trial.

Real-time reports

Obtain metrics fast, with minimum investment required.

Product Flow

Pixmap offers a mobile-based platform to test digital content and learn whether the structure, content and composition of the color are ideal to capture the attention of potential customers.