1. What is Pixmap?

  1. Pixmap is a mobile app that analyzes images using machine learning algorithms trained with thousands of eye gaze records.

2. What analytic metrics from my image do I get with Pixmap?

  1. Pixmap provides:
  2. Color composition
  3. Percentage of improvement
  4. Heat map
  5. Salience map
  6. Focus map
  7. Percentage of visual attention
  8. Text detection
  9. Percentage of text on image
  10. Percentage of visual attention on the text

3. How to upload images to Pixmap?

  1. Pixmap allows the user to choose an image from the mobile’s photo gallery.

4. How to analyze an image?

  1. First, the image is uploaded from the image gallery and payment terms should be accepted, then the image will automatically go through Pixmap’s algorithms to be analyzed. Once the image is processed, the defined reports will be presented.

5. How does Pixmap work?

  1. Pixmap has incorporated Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision algorithms trained to analyze the content of images. By processing the image by these algorithms, reports will be displayed of how people would typically view the image.

6. How long does Pixmap take to analyze the image?

  1. Pixmap analysis takes approximately 7 seconds from when the image is processed until all reports are available.

7. What happens to my results after the analysis?

  1. Once Pixmap generates the image metrics, they will be saved to a database and also to the device. Every time you want to view the results of the experiment, you only need to select the image and the results will immediately be displayed without having to go through the Pixmap algorithms again.

8. Are there any restrictions to the analysis regarding the image format?

  1. Images can be uploaded in JPG, JPEG and PNG formats. In addition, it is preferable to load medium or large images to avoid loss of information when processing them with Pixmap. On the other hand, only 2D image uploads are allowed. Videos and gifs are not allowed.

9. Do I need to have a Pixmap account to perform the analysis?

  1. Yes, you must be logged in to access Pixmap’s analysis functionality.

10. In what platforms is Pixmap available?

  1. For now Pixmap is solely a mobile-based platform.

11. How to get more information about Pixmap?

  1. For any inquires or comments, contact the following email address: pixmap@neurometrics.la